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Flexographic Ink Exporters in India

Flexographic inks are of great use today and are in high demand all over the world for printing on packaging materials, bottles, newspapers, etc.

The word ExFrO, stands for Exporting From Origin. It means that we procure the materials from local manufacturers or units and export them to the destination. 

ExFrO is one of the leading merchant exporters in India. We export various materials such as carpets, A4 paper, corrugated boxes, etc. including flexographic inks to several countries worldwide. 

We are India's leading flexographic ink supplier with a wide customer base, exporting flexo ink at competitive prices. 

To know more about the export of flexographic inks at ExFrO, read further. 

What is flexographic ink?

Flexographic inks are used to print ink on the materials such as newspapers, plastic bags, carry bags, food packaging, catalogues, corrugated cardboard, and other types of packaging. This process of printing is actually called flexography. There are various types of flexographic inks used for different kinds of specialized printing. 

The ink is widely used in the large-scale production of customized labels. The use of flexographic ink has an enormous rate of growth and thus is in high demand across the globe.

Types of flexographic inks

Different types of flexo ink work with different types of substrates providing the required surface tension for the flow of the ink. Among the various types, the main four types of flexographic ink are:

Water-based inks

This type of ink is mainly prepared using water and pigment having adhesive properties which make the ink dry easily and stick to its place. It has the highest surface tension among all types. It is widely used on corrugated and cardboard boxes as it provides high scuff resistance, has a low odour and has high colour strength.

Solvent-based inks

Solvent-based inks are mainly composed of acetates and alcohols and have much lower surface tension than water-based inks. These are most suitable for plastic bags and industrial films. These are also used in aluminium foil printing like in the food and pharmaceuticals industry.

UV and electron beam

This type of ink is composed of photoinitiators, monomers, or prepolymers. It has a high viscosity and adheres to the surface only on exposure to UV light or an electron beam. It is primarily used in the outer packaging of the food industry.

Oil-base inks

This ink is made using hydrocarbons, and harsh solvents like hexane, naphtha, etc. However, sometimes mineral oil or soy oil is also used. The ink is mainly used in the publishing industry.

The uses of flexographic inks

Flexographic inks are cost-effective and fast to dry. These adhere to different surfaces and thus have several applications in different industries. Flexographic inks are used for printing various materials and items such as flexible packets, shrink sleeve labels, pressure-sensitive labels, etc. Among these, water-based inks and solvent-based inks are the main types.

The demand for solvent-based inks has decreased gradually as they are known to be unsafe for the environment. However, they have a large use in the food packaging industry or other household applications due to their excellent packaging and high strength.

Water-based inks have wide applications as they have excellent properties. These are additive, adhesive, colourant, and diluent, thus suitable for printing on different types of materials. These are also used as a primer for UV overcoating.

Why should you import flexographic inks from us?

Flexographic inks have wide use for printing on various materials, however, due to some unsafe properties of solvent-based inks people have shifted to the use of water-based inks which are suitable for almost every material due to their excellent properties of mixing and blending easily. 

There are several manufacturers producing flexographic inks on a large scale, but what about the high costs?

We, at ExFrO, try to get these inks directly from the local manufacturers without getting the quality and costs altered much. This eliminates the role of intermediaries, thus reducing marginal costs on the export.

We have established our name over the years in the export industry by providing the best quality material and reliable services. Through our large networks worldwide, we manage exports at very reasonable prices. 

So, if you’re looking for indelible flexographic ink exporters in India, look no further than us. You find a safe export process with full transparency at ExFrO.


Que- Why is water-based ink in demand?

Ans- Solvent-based ink was found to be harmful to the environment, thereafter water-based inks came to be in high use and demand as these are diluent and adhesive.

Que- Does India export flexographic inks to other countries?

Ans- India largely imports flexographic inks from other countries, however, we also export all types of flexo inks including water-based inks, solvent-based inks, oil-based inks, etc. to other countries.

Que- Does ExFro take care of legalities and formalities in the export process?

Ans-  Yes, we comply with all the legalities and formalities during the process of exporting with our experts’ guidance and provide an easygoing export.


  • We came across them a year ago for importing silk carpets and got one of the finest quality carpets. They adhere to their customer’s requirements for sure.

  • ExFrO is definitely a reliable name in the export industry which exports various materials at very competitive prices while keeping the entire process transparent.

  • I didn’t have to look for something else since I came across ExFrO as they are the leading exporters in India and keep their word and cater to other export formalities responsibly.

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