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The paper export industry has been growing and flourishing at a rapid rate. In recent years, this industry has seen tremendous growth. India's paper mills invest in the latest technology to enhance production and improve quality. As a result, many local paper companies in our country have expanded in the last five years and begun investing in the global paper market. 

Experts suggest that paper exports have been touching the skies for five consecutive years and are on the uptrend. However, it can be hard to find a reliable source if you are an importer based in a foreign country and wish to import paper from India. Well, worry no more, as we are here to take over. 

Let us begin by introducing ourselves. 

ExFrO: Paper Exporters in India

ExFrO is a versatile merchant exporter. As mentioned, we deal in the export of various goods and products ranging from rice, cotton, marble, leather, carpets, and granite. Our company has been in the business for several years now and serves as an industry leader.

We are one of the most reliable and trusted paper exporters in India, with a huge customer base spread across the world. At ExFrO, we ensure that all our products are reasonably priced and of the most premium quality. 

If you must know, our company is an industry leader with a genius USP. All products exported by us are procured directly from the source of production. This means we do not entertain supply chain wholesalers and retailers and directly reach out to local manufacturers and production companies. It is also how we significantly cut down on supply chain margins and export costs. 

In addition to providing our customers with top-notch product quality and reasonable rates, we also take care of all export and import formalities and legalities. As a result, you can be assured of a seamless and hassle-free import process. 

What Countries Import Paper From Us?

Being among the most prominent paper suppliers in India, we have a vast customer base spread across many countries in the world. These include UAE, China, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. In addition, our well-connected logistics network enables us to deliver your deliverables in any part of the world safely and timely.

No matter where you are, you can enjoy safe paper deliveries and imports from us. Be assured of zero negligence from our end as we ensure all safety and preventative measures to prevent any mishap or damage during shipping. 

What All Do We Export?

As one of the industry leaders, we deal in the export of many types of papers and its products. These include:

  • Coated paper

  • Paperboard

  • A4 Size Paper 

  • Uncoated writing paper

  • Printing paper 

  • Tissue paper 

  • Kraft paper 

As one of the most reliable sources, we deal in the export of all these types. So if you are an importer or wholesaler looking for paper exporters in India, do not look elsewhere. We are one of the best suppliers in the country and assure our customers of superior qualities and the finest prices in the market. Top-notch quality, finest rates, and variety, what more does one need?

How Is Paper Exported From India?

After procuring paper directly from local paper mills and companies, we store it in our warehouse. There it is packed to prevent loss and damage during shipping. Next, paper and its products are transported in boxes with additional protection from mechanical impact. Finally, they are sealed in rolls. During transportation/shipping, a suitable temperature and humidity level are maintained. 

Our well-connected logistics network facilitates the rest (timely and safe deliveries). 

What Are The Uses Of Paper?

There are many uses of paper known to man. These include:

  • For representing values such as paper money, cheque, banknote, voucher, tickets, and security. 

  • For communication purposes such as letters, postcards, telegrams, airmail, newsprint, etc. 

  • For storing information, such as notebooks, books, punched cards, and photographic paper.

  • For individual use, such as journals, planners, diaries, writing pads, notebooks, memo pads, etc. 

  • For artistic uses such as drawing paper, charcoal drawings, sketch pads, etc.

The other uses of paper include packaging, cleaning, and construction. 

Why Choose Us As Your Trusted Paper Supplier In India?

There are many advantages that come with choosing us as your entrusted paper supplier. These are:

  • ExFrO is a reliable source for the export of products of various categories. You can be assured of top-notch quality and reasonable rates in the market. 

  • We beat our competition by cutting down on export costs by procuring all our products directly from the origin of production. 

  • You can find everything that you are looking for with us. 

  • Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, so we ensure to go above and beyond to surpass their expectations. 

  • You can enjoy safe and timely product deliveries through a well-connected logistics network. 

  • Being one of the top paper suppliers in India, we have a vast customer base spread across many parts of the world. 


  • We have been associated with ExFrO for the past three years, and never have they disappointed us once. Their product deliveries are super quick, and we never needed to complain about product quality. We would strongly recommend them. They are truly the best. 

  • We are a group of importers based in the UAE and constantly require paper for various purposes. We stumbled upon ExFrO over three years ago and are still amazed by its superior customer services and product qualities. If you are looking for bulk paper requirements, do not look elsewhere. ExFrO is who you need. 

  • As a small group of importers in Sri Lanka, we constantly require paper in bulk. We came across ExFrO nearly five years ago and have never looked back since then. We are very satisfied and would strongly recommend them. 


Q. Which states produce paper in India?

A. Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are the major paper-producing Indian states. 

Q. Does ExFrO export paper?

A. Yes, ExFrO deals in paper export and largely contributes to it. 

Q. Does ExFrO take care of any formalities or legalities in the paper export procedure?

A. Yes, ExFrO ensures to take care of all formalities and legalities in the paper export procedure. As a result, you can be assured of a seamless and hassle-free process.

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