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A4 Paper Exporters in India

The A4 paper format is undoubtedly the most widely used printing format in the world, since the standardization of its dimensions under the ISO 216 standard. It is found in office automation, as a format for correspondence letters but also for printing documents ranging from the dissertation to the activity report. Here are the main characteristics of the A4 format.

Exfro: A4 Paper Exporters in India

India stands at 18th position for the exports of paper to other countries. However, Indian paper exports are in uptrend from the last few years. 

If compared correctly, exports of A-4 size papers (also known as Xerox paper ) from India have scaled up by almost 98% today. The technological upgrades of Indian paper mills have been the main cause of increasing growth of paper exports from India by providing quality paper and capacity expansion.

Being one of the leading versatile merchant exporters of the country, we at ExFrO leave no stone unturned in performing our responsibility well towards smooth export of high quality A4 paper from India. Apart from A4 size paper, we are also specialized in exports for several different products over the years, e.g. Granitemarblecottonleather etc.

Exfro means Exports From Origin. We procure the products from the local producers as well as the manufacturers and directly ship them safely and at reasonable costs, thus eliminating the role of intermediaries which helps in reducing your overall import cost.

Which Countries Do We Export Our A4 Paper To?

Many countries import A4 size printing paper from India, Singapore being our largest importer for the same. However, in recent years, India is seeing a growth in its export rates of paper in other countries too. 

The countries importing A-4size paper from us include the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and more. We, at Exfro, always choose the high quality A-4 size paper upto the requirements of the customers and deliver to them safely within time. 

Why Choose Us As Your A4 Paper Exporter?

Being one of the leading merchant exporters of A-4 size paper in India, we provide you with the best quality paper that follows all the guidelines as per the industry standards. 

We have been working for years to deliver orders through our reliable and fast networks timely and safely to our clients. Keeping the customer requirements at top, we try to provide competitive costs for the shipment of orders at lowest export rates. 

Transparent and reliable delivery services are always guaranteed with Exfro! Then, why look up to someone else, while we are here providing you with the best export services from India.

Characteristics of the A4 paper that we export from India

As the A4 format is part of the A range, the ratio between its length and its width is equivalent to and in accordance with the ratio established by Professor Lichtenberg, towards the end of the 18th century. Its dimensions of 210 mm x 297 mm place it in 5th position, after the A0, A1, A2 and A3 formats. On the other hand, it is larger than the A5 and A6 formats, the smallest of the printable formats in this range.

As its printing surface is 625 cm² or 0.062 m², the A4 format is half of an A3 format, but it is double the A5. In practice, dividing the length of the A3 format by 2, we obtain the width of the A4 which is 210 mm. Similarly, when we put side by side, along the length, 2 sheets of A5 format paper, we can also find the dimensions of the A4 format.

The uses of the A4 format

The use of the A4 printing format is very wide, ranging from small event posters to common use as correspondence paper, including printing menus, magazines, leaflets and flyers.

Thanks to the advent of the A4 printer, promoting personal printing, the use of the A4 has grown considerably. Professional printers more than individuals usually use the A4 format to print documents of all kinds.

How to print A4 size

Depending on the level of quality desired, a non-professional A4 printer can be used to print standard quality documents, especially when most personal printers and other reproduction equipment, such as photocopiers, are available for A4 format. Especially with digital printers, you can make very valuable color prints.

For those who wish to obtain professional quality printing, it is preferable to entrust the printing of their documents to a qualified printer, who has a high-performance printing machine. You can contact a document printing store for the case of a fairly small number of copies, but you can also contact professional printers. In particular, if it is the high-end print run of hundreds of thousands of copies.


What is the origin of the A4 format?

Without telling you about the origin of the paper, the A4 format was born gradually. In truth, its dimensions appeared empirically by paper manufacturers. Over time, by practical elimination, they came to this format. Sufficient surface for writing, when folded it is easy to send and it does not take up too much space on the desk.

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