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Leather Exporters in India

Exfro: Leather Exporters in India 

Hey there! Are you looking for premium quality leather at the most reasonable prices? Why look elsewhere when we are here to fulfill all your leather requirements. Leather is a durable and robust material obtained from animal skins after several chemical treatments or tanning. It is widely available in India. If you are looking for the largest and top rated leather exporters in India, who is better than us?

Let us start by introducing ourselves. 

Who Are We?

Exfro is a reliable name in the leather exporting industry. We are a reputed versatile merchant exporter dealing in many categories, leather being one of them. We are one of the top leather exporters in India who export leather to various parts of the world. Some of the biggest countries in the world, including China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Spain, and Italy, import their leather from us. We are a credible leather supplier in India renowned for exporting top-grade leather. 

What Countries Do We Export Our Leather To?

India is a leading leather supplier or exporter in the world and caters to most of the leather requirements of the world. At Exfro, we export our leather to various countries, including Hong Kong, Italy, China, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Indonesia, Germany, and Portugal, making us the largest leather exporter in India. 

What Do We Do?

Exfro is a trusted name in the leather exporting industry. We serve our customers by providing them with top-grade leather quality at the best prices. If you are wondering how we manage to offer you the finest prices, we can simplify it for you. Exfro is a leather supplier in India and stands for Exporting From Origin.

The company is built on this genius idea of procuring leather directly from local production units and manufacturers who sell at minimal prices, thereby eliminating supply chain margins. This enables us to export leather to our valued customers reasonably. If you are looking to Import leather from India, we suggest you look no further than us. 

Our shipping method

As discussed above, we procure superior quality leather from local production units, vendors, and manufacturers directly and store them in our warehouses across the country. From there, the leather is packed and prepared to ship. The packaged products are loaded on ships and transported to their designated location. 

Types of leather that we import from India

There are many types of leather that we deal in. You can find a wide variety of leather with us as we are one of the top leather exporters in India. Find the best quality leather types at the finest prices. These include:

  • Bonded leather

  • Faux leather

  • Suede

  • Nubuck 

  • Aniline leather 

  • Bicast leather 

  • Patent leather 

  • Cowhide 

  • Nappa leather 

Additionally, there are four types of leather quality grades, mentioned in a descending order.

  • Full grain leather 

  • Top grain leather

  • Genuine leather

  • Bonded leather 

What Are The Uses Of Leather?

We can find leather in almost everything we use. From clothing, footwear, handbags, furniture, tools to sport equipment, everything is made from leather. Animal skins that are treated with chemical treatments are made suitable to be used as leather.

Apart from these basic essentials, leather is also used in all types of equestrian related products, including saddles and horse hoof boots. One can also find leather in backpacks, wallets, purses, gloves, belts and knife sheaths, among others. 

Why Import Leather From Us?

  • Leather import from India was never this easy and affordable. 
  • Exfro ensures all its customers enjoy the least possible prices for leather and also enjoy the highest quality at the same time.
  •  We have very brilliantly eliminated the cost-increasing margins by directly sourcing our leather from the production origin so our customers can save huge costs.
  • We look forward to earning the trust of our customers and maintaining life-long relationships with them. 
  • We have successfully fulfilled the needs of all our customers and have been serving them for years now. 
  • We prioritize the needs of our valued customers above everything else and go above and beyond to satisfy their needs. 


We are a startup company in Vietnam making equestrian products. We stumbled upon Exfro and have never looked back. They are the leading leather exporters in India and have fulfilled all our leather requirements. 

If you are in need of leather then look no further than Exfro. No matter where you are in the world, they will export premium quality leather to you at competitive prices. 

We have been associated with Exfro for a few years now and have never faced any issue in their working. They never compromise on quality and provide high-grade leather at the best prices. 

Our company came across Exfro two years ago and have leather requirements fulfilled from them regularly. We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have always relied for leather needs on Exfro. If you are someone in need of the best leather exporter in India, why look elsewhere? 



Q. Is leather exported from India?

A. Yes, India hugely contributes to the total requirement of leather export. In fact, it is exported to many parts of the world from India. 

Q. Which city is famous for leather in India?

A. Kanpur is the most famous city for leather in India. It is also known as the "Leather City." Besides Kanpur, Unnao in UP, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and Kolkata in West Bengal are also famous for the same. 

Q. What are the most exported leather products from India?

A. Footwear, leather accessories, finished leather, and leather garments, among others, are some of India's most exported leather products.

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