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Carpet Exporters in India

Exfro: Carpet Exporters In India

Did you know that carpet weaving in India started in the 16th century, and ever since, the demand for Indian carpets has only risen in the international market? The carpet industry in the country is the livelihood of over 20 million artisans and workers. Undoubtedly, our country is ranked number one in carpet exports.

One can find a wide variety of carpets and other floor covering in various price ranges and qualities. Some of the most famous hand-woven carpet types include Indo Persian, silk, wool, Kilim, Zeigler, and hand-tufted. 

Let's begin by introducing ourselves.

Who Are We?

Exfro is a versatile merchant exporter that deals in exporting products of various categories. The company is an industry leader and a trusted carpet supplier in India that has brilliantly brought down the product export prices.

Exfro stands for Exporting From Origin. In simple terms, we directly buy products such as carpets from local manufacturers and artisans and export them to our valued customers. In this way, we conveniently remove the intermediaries, thereby eliminating supply chain margins responsible for sky-rocketing costs.

So stop looking for carpet exporters in India anywhere else, as we are here to fulfill all your requirements.

Where Do We Export carpets and How Do We Do It?

At Exfro, we export carpets to many parts of the world. As the largest carpet exporter in India, we export them to almost 70 countries, including the US, Germany, the UK, Australia, UAE, France, Sweden, Netherlands, and Italy. 

Additionally, we have established a name for ourselves in the carpet export market because of our reasonably good prices. The carpets we procure from the local artisans and vendors are stored in our warehouses across the country. There they are packed and ready to be shipped. The deliverables are loaded on a ship and exported to their designated locations. 

Types Of Carpets That We Export from India

As one of the top carpet exporters in India, we procure many types of carpets from our local artisans and vendors. These carpets are famous in the international market owing to their flawless design, unique textures, and colorful prints. These include:

  • hand- knotted woolen carpets 

  • Tufted woolen carpets 

  • Pure silk carpets 

  • Staple/synthetic carpets

  • Gabbe woolen carpets 

Why Import carpets from Us?

  • We provide the highest quality carpets.

  • We offer a range of carpets that you can choose from. 

  • You can expect the exported carpets to reach you safely and economically. 

  • We guarantee our valued customers the lowest export costs as we directly source our carpets from the origin of production, thereby cutting costs. 

  • We aim to provide the maximum benefits to our valued customers through our services. 

  • Honesty and integrity are at the core of our company values.

  • We never take our customers for granted and are a trusted name for dependable customer care support. 

  • All our suppliers/partners are registered with MSME, CARE & FAIR, RUGMARK, SEDEX, and Goodweave, among others, ensuring quality carpets. 

  • We have made carpet import from India easier and more economical. 

Fact: Did you know that India is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of carpets in the world and exports more than 75-80% of the manufactured carpet. Indian carpets have gained widespread popularity because of their earthy and cozy looks, and the versatility that they add to any space is unmatched. 

So if you want to import carpets from India, why not choose the best rugs exporters in India? Why look elsewhere when we provide the best at the most reasonable prices?


We are a small startup company in Sweden that deals in Indo-Persian and hand-tufted carpets. We came across Exfro a few months ago and have never looked back. They never compromise on quality, and their timely delivery is the best part. 

Look nowhere else for exporters in India. Exfro is an authentic one that never misses a deadline. You can be assured of quality and reasonable prices. I would strongly recommend them for carpet exporting. 

We are very thankful to Exfro for delivering the best and most original Indian carpets at reasonable prices. The premium quality products and the affordable rates hook more customers to them. 

Looking for exporters in India? Do not look further than Exfro. The best in the business. You will not regret dealing with them, speaking from personal experience. 


Q. Which state is the largest producer of carpets in India?

A. Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of carpets in India. It is also home to South Asia's largest hand-knotted carpet weaving hub. 

Q. Which country is the biggest exporter of carpets in the world?

A. India is the largest exporter of carpets in the whole world. Besides being the biggest exporter, it is also the largest manufacturer and exports nearly 80% of the total manufactured carpets. 

Q. How is quality ensured at Exfro?

A. All the suppliers and partners from whom we procure the carpets are registered with MSME, CARE & FAIR, SEDEX, Goodweave, and CEPC among others thereby ensuring premium quality.

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