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Hair Exporters in India

Hair Exporters In India

What is the craziest way you can think of to make money? How wild are your ideas when it comes to money-making? Wondering where we are going with this? Let us simplify by coming to the point.

India is the second largest exporter of human hair in the world after China. It exports nearly 3000 tonnes of hair annually to East Asia and Europe, where it is used for making wigs and other purposes. Human hair is widely used and has many purposes in the global beauty market. It is also used in chemical manufacturing for the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

The human hair export industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Exporters nowadays believe that hair off anyone's head is money in the bank. Just imagine combing your hair and dusting away the hundreds of strands that fall on the floor! We all do that. 

Hair Export Industry - Trivia

As mentioned above, India exports nearly 3000 tonnes of human hair yearly. But have you ever wondered where all this hair is coming from? What are the sources of these exporters? Because we are talking about human hair. That is not a small deal! As one of the biggest hair exporters in India, ExFrO procures hair directly from production sources. However, in this case, the sources are a bit different.

The primary sources of collecting human hair include prominent temples, barber shops and villages. Yes, you read that right. Millions of people donate their long, beautiful locks to the Lord at various prominent temples.

The most famous among them is the Tirupati temple. People from all over the country and world come and pay homage to the Lord in the form of their hair. This hair gets collected and is auctioned by the exporters. 

Another source is barber shops. Every week the hair-collecting agents of the exporters send their boys to various barber shops to collect hair. In exchange for hair, the barbers get scissors, combs and other work essentials from them. This saves them the hassle of disposing of waste hair and getting something in return. 

The last but not the least source is village women. Village women in South India and other parts of the world collect their fallen strands and keep them knotted in a lock for the hair collector to collect them. 

So, this is how human hair is collected and then exported. 

Who Are We?

Now that you have sufficient knowledge about the hair export industry let us move further by introducing ourselves. We at Exfro are a versatile merchant exporter. We deal in the export of goods and products from distinct categories. 

From human hair to leather to carpets, from rice to cotton, from paper to textiles, we are who you need. There is nothing that you would find available to us. Our company has been in the export industry for several years and has successfully maintained its reputation as the industry leader. We are renowned as one of the leading and top-notch hair suppliers in India. 

At ExFrO, apart from ensuring high product quality, we also provide reasonable prices. All of our products are competitively priced. We are proud of the genius that our company is based on. Exfro stands for Exporting From Origin.

To give our customers the finest prices in the market, we procure all our products and goods directly from production sources. We cut the supply chain margins and intermediaries very intelligently, thereby considerably reducing costs. 

If you want to import hair, do not look further than us. We are among the best and leading hair exporters in India and have customers spread all over the world. 

Which Countries Import Hair From Us?

As the leading hair exporters, our customer base is quite large. Our customers are spread across the whole world. Most are based in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Austria, Myanmar, Bangladesh, UAE, Vietnam and Burma. These are just a few of the countries where our customers lie. 

Look no further than us if you are an importer who needs human hair in bulk quantities. As one of the major hair exporters in India, we have the resources and network to fulfill our customers' every need. In addition, through a well-connected logistics network, we ensure timely and safe product deliveries. 

How Is Hair Exported From India?

The hair collected from our sources reaches us and is sorted out by professionals. By sorting out, we mean discarding unnecessary waste from it, and the desirable hair is kept. These are then processed into organized manes.

The next step entails matching hair with matching lengths and properly organizing them. Finally, they are clipped together and categorized into shiny clip-on wigs and hairpieces. 

Packed according to order, all products are shipped to their designated locations from our factory near the port. All deliverables are packed nicely to prevent any undue damage. 

Types Of Hair We Export

There are essentially two types of hair that are widely exported from us. These include:

  • Remy Hair: Remy hair is the hair that is collected from temples. They are mostly the offerings to Lord that pilgrims offer as a part of a religious vow. This type of hair is considered top-grade quality and is widely used to make wigs and hairpieces. 

  • Non-Remy Hair: Non-Remy hair is the hair that is collected from households and barbershops. It is collected by village women and is segregated from other waste materials. Non-remy hair is much cheaper than remy-hair. 


  • We are a group of hair importers based in Vietnam and have ties with several hair salons in and around the country. We stumbled upon Exfro when we were looking to import hair from India. Since then, we have never looked back. Having worked with them for three years, they continue to amuse us with their top-notch services and product quality. I would strongly recommend a business with them. 

  • I am a hair importer based in Bangladesh and have been associated with Exfro for 1.5 years. I am amazed at the timely deliveries and premium product quality. They never fail to impress me. 

  • If you are looking for hair exporters in India, trust no other than Exfro. With superior quality and competitive prices, what is more, to ask for?


Q. Where is the hub for the hair export industry in India?

A. West Bengal is the primary hub for the Indian hair export industry. 

Q. Who are the biggest competitors in India in the hair export business?

A. China, Cambodia, and Vietnam are a few of the biggest competitors.

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