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Marble exporters in India

Exfro: Marble Exporters in India

Marble has been used since the beginning of time to lend exquisiteness and strength to any structure. The demand for quality marble stones has seen a high rise in recent years across the world.

There are many countries importing marble worldwide. Among them is India. Indian marble is preferred by most countries owing to its beauty, sturdiness, variety, and quality. They are competitively priced and are world-famous. 

Now the question remains how to import marble from India or how to pin down reliable marble exporters in India?

Let us simplify it for you. 

Who Are We?

Exfro is an export company based in India. We deal in the export of products of many categories, marble is one of them. Being a versatile merchant exporter, we are renowned as industry leaders. We have been successful in establishing our name as one of the most reliable and competent marble suppliers in India. 

What gives us an edge over our competitors is the exceptional idea that our company is based on. Exfro stands for exporting from the origin which entails buying directly from local vendors thereby cutting supply margin chain costs and considerably reducing export prices. 

Which Countries Import Marble From Us?

As industry leaders, we send our marble across the world. Some of these countries include Vietnam, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the UK, and Poland, among others.

Through our well-connected logistic network, it is easy for us to export marble from India to these countries. Additionally, we strive hard to deliver these precious marbles as safely and as soon as possible. 

The reason why marble is heavily imported from India is because of the premium quality, durability, exquisiteness, and superior technology that backs the marble quarrying process.

Reasonable and competitive pricing is another advantage. 

In addition to marble, India is also famous for its Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, and Quartzite reserves. 

How Do We Export Marble From India?

As the top supplier of Indian marble, we supply marble to many countries across the world. Marble is considered heavy cargo and is normally packed in timber crates with straw protection. The marble that we procure from our vendors gets stored in our warehouse. From there, it is loaded into ships using heavy machinery/equipment. And then supplied to the designated location. 

Our company ensures that marble reaches its designated location in top-notch condition. We never compromise on our safety measures. 

What Are The Types Of Marble That We Export?

India supplies a large variety of marble worldwide. These include:

  • Afyon Travertine

  • Blue Jeans Marble

  • Bianco Carrara

  • Bursa Emperador

  • Dolomiti

  • Light Travertine

  • Marmara Zebra

  • Milas Lilac Slab

  • Mugla White Slab

As one of the top marble exporters in India, we ensure to provide the most superior quality marble to our clients across the world. Our USP is of high-grade material quality at affordable rates. 

What Are The Uses Of Marble?

Marble is a type of rock and among the several types, it is the most widely used one. It has uses and applications in many industries. 

Some of these are mentioned below. 

  • Buildings and Sculptures

  • Whiting

  • Soil treatment

  • In Supplements

  • Construction

  • Cemetery marker

  • Neutralizing acids

All of these are mentioned in brief detail below. 

  • Buildings and Sculptures: Marble is the most widely used rock for buildings and sculptures. It has been used in the industry since the beginning of time due to its exquisiteness and magnificence. It holds the potential to lend an elegant look to anything it is used in. It allows light to enter and can also look very polished. Most sculptures are made using marbles. 

  • Construction aggregate: It is widely used for construction purposes. It is used as a fill and due to the presence of calcite in it, it is preferred over limestone. 

  • Whiting: Some types of marbles are used to manufacture a white powder because they are so white. This white powder is used as a filler, pigment, and brightener in paint, paper, and other products. 

  • Cemetery marker: This is the most common use of marbles and they are widely used to make tombstones and cemetery markers. Marbles are easy to cut and engrave on. 

  • Soil treatment: Calcium oxide is obtained on the heating of some marble. This compound is used in agriculture, in combination with fertilizers, to treat soil acidity and enhance yield. 

These are some of the popular uses of marble which makes it the most widely used rock type. 

Why Import Marble From Us?

  • At Exfro, we procure all our products from local vendors, manufacturers, or origin of production thereby significantly reducing export costs and eliminating supply chain margins. 

  • Our company provides several varieties of marble to importers across the world at affordable rates. 

  • We ensure the premium quality of marble granite from India and safely export it to various parts of the world. 

  • We are a reliable source with customers in most parts of the world. 

  • We have been in the business for years and ensure product and service quality. 

  • We ensure transparency in all our dealings and are renowned for our work ethics and values. 

  • Our company is a versatile merchant exporter that deals in the trade and export of various products. 


Q. Which city is the largest producer of marble in India?

A. Kishangarh in Ajmer is the largest producer of marble in India. It has up to 56 million tonnes of marble and is the main center of marble in Rajasthan. 

Q. What legalities and formalities are needed to be taken care of for the import of marble?

A. We at Exfro ensure to take care of all legalities and formalities in the import procedure. 

Q. How to import marble from India?

A. If you are looking to import marble from India, connect with us at Exfro and be assured of quality materials and affordable rates.

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