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Handicrafts Exporters in India

Import Handicraft Items From India

Handicrafts are beautiful and decorative items made by hand or using simple and non-automated tools like scissors, hooks or carving implements. They are widely found in India because the livelihood of a significant section of the rural areas depends on them.

Handicraft-making has a lot to do with imagination and passion. It depends on the patience and endurance of the individual how beautifully they transform wood into a wardrobe, clay into a pot and stones into sculpture. It is about turning raw materials into something beautiful, valuable and delightful. 

If you are an importer or retailer looking to import handicrafts from India, do not look elsewhere. We are a reliable source for bulk handicrafts exports and have been serving in the industry for several years. Wondering who we are? Let us introduce ourselves. 

Exfro: Handicrafts Exporters in India

Exfro is a versatile merchant exporter dealing in exporting products from diverse categories. We are a reliable source for bulk export of handicrafts from India. Besides exporting handicrafts, we also deal in leather, carpets, hair, cotton and marble export. You can find everything you are looking for with us. This is not the best part about us. The incredible thing is that we procure all our products directly from the production source. By eliminating intermediaries and the chain of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, we cut down on supply chain margins, thereby saving a lot. 

The genius behind ExFrO is Exporting From Origin. We are proud of it, and it is how we provide all products to our customers at the most reasonable prices. So, choose no other as we are one of the leading and trusted handicrafts exporters in India.

What Countries Import Handicrafts From Us?

The Indian handicrafts export industry is one of the country's most developed and sought-after ones. It is also a significant source and part of our economy. 

More than seven million people in rural areas are involved in this industry and work tirelessly to meet the export needs of handicrafts. Indian handicrafts showcase the artists' artistic craftsmanship and are widely appreciated and loved in the local and global markets. 

As one of the top handicraft exporters in India, our customers are based in many parts of the world. Some of these include the USA, UAE, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands and Canada. In addition, a small part of our customer base is Australia and some Latin American countries. 

Here is a list of the countries where our handicraft items are exported and widely loved. 

  • Shawls and Art Wares: the USA, UK, Japan and Saudi Arabia
  • Hand-printed textiles and scarves: USA, UK, Canada and Germany
  • Imitation Jewellery: the UK, USA and Germany
  • Embroidered and Crocheted items: Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia

What Types Of Handicrafts Do We Export?

India remains at the top of the most culturally rich countries. Indian handicrafts are widely loved in the global market, and we stay at the top of the handicraft export industry. A major section of people in rural areas have their livelihood dependent on this industry. Here is a list of the handicrafts that we export. These include: 

  • Pashmina Shawls: Made from cashmere wool, these shawls are entirely handwoven. From combing and spinning to weaving, everything is done by hand. Did you know that it takes approximately 180 hours to produce one pashmina shawl? 
  • Pottery: One of the most renowned art forms, the pottery tradition dates back to the Harappan Civilisation. 
  • Jute: Another world-renowned Indian handicraft is jute items. These include jute bags, office stationeries, wall-hangings, footwear, and jewellery. 
  • Brass Handicrafts: Vases, tabletops, lamps, ornament boxes, wine glasses, and many more brass handicrafts are famous worldwide. These handicrafts are widely known for their durability. 
  • Bamboo Handicrafts: These include dolls, baskets, toys, mats, furniture, crossbows, wall hangings and jewellery boxes. 
  • Phulkari: Phulkari means flower work. Phulkari dupattas, shawls and head scarfs are widely famous in Punjab and Haryana. 
  • Carpet Weaving: Another important craft found in North India. India is widely known for its vibrant and colourful carpets worldwide. These carpets come in various designs and textures and are woven using different techniques, making them unique. 

Other handicraft items include silk, sarees, zardozi, shell, leather, and woodwork. 

How Do We Export Handicrafts From India?

As already mentioned, all our products, including handicrafts, are directly procured from local manufacturers and, in this case, local artisans and workers. The procured items are stored in our warehouse, where they are packed safely and correctly to prevent any mishap or damage during shipping. 

These are then shipped to their designated locations in various parts of the world. Through a well-connected logistics network, we ensure safe and timely deliveries. Be assured of no damage or loss during our shipping and except top-notch product quality and condition. 

Why Choose Us As Your Handicrafts Exporter In India?

  • At Exfro, we procure all handicraft items directly from local manufacturers and artisans. We cut supply chain margins and considerably reduced export costs by eliminating wholesalers and retailers. 
  • As mentioned above, we export a variety of quality handicraft items to various parts of the world. 
  • We are a reliable source of imported handicrafts and have a vast customer base worldwide. 
  • Our valued customers worldwide enjoy premium quality products at the most reasonable rates. 
  • As industry leaders, we ensure complete transparency and authenticity in all our dealings. 
  • Apart from handicrafts, we also deal in the export of leather, carpets, cotton, rice and marble. 


  • I am a wholesaler based in a small town in Italy. I deal in handicrafts and other decorative items. My search for an Indian handicrafts exporter ended with Exfro. They are a fantastic source and trade in the export of many handicraft items. I found everything I was looking for. I would strongly recommend them. 
  • We are a small chain of dealers in Canada. We were looking for companies in India to fulfil our handicraft needs. After coming across Exfro, we have never looked back. Reasonable prices, quality products and timely deliveries. We are delighted. 
  • We are a small company in the Netherlands selling decorative and handicraft items. To sell something different, we were looking for Indian handicrafts. We stumbled upon Exfro, who fulfilled all our requirements. Very happy and satisfied with their services. 


Q. Does Exfro deal in the export of Indian handicrafts?

A. Yes, Exfro deals in the export of Indian handicraft items. It is one of the biggest handicrafts exporters in India. 

Q. What all handicraft items are exported by Exfro?

A. Exfro deals in the export of pashmina shawls, brass items, bamboo and jute handicrafts, woodwork items and many more. 

Q. Which are some of the biggest handicraft importing countries?

A. The USA, UK, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia are among the biggest handicraft importing countries. 

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