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Paper Bags Exporters in India

Do you remember your childhood days? Your mother would pack your lunch in a paper bag or send you grocery shopping, and you would return with a paper bag. Yes! Those were the good days before plastic bags took over. Plastic bags started becoming more in use because of their durability and strength.

But now, because of the millions of environmental issues they are causing, we are getting to paper bags. Paper bags are widely used across the globe. Many countries have almost eliminated the use of plastic and converted it to paper. 

With rising environmental issues and awareness, many countries are making the shift. This shift has considerably increased the demand for paper bags and their production. India is a leading supplier of paper bags in the world. Our nation has been catering to international paper bag needs for several years. 

If you are seeking reliable paper bag exporters in India, your search ends right here. 

Still, wondering? Let us make things clearer!

ExFrO- Who Are We?

ExFrO is the biggest exporter in the country. Our company has established a prominent name in the business. ExFrO stands for Exporting From Origin.

As a versatile merchant exporter, we trade in the export of products from many categories. By sourcing all products directly from the production source, we eliminate the chain of intermediaries and cut down on supply chain margins. 

Since the company’s inception, we have infused a strong quality culture, which has remained with us ever since. By never compromising on quality, we have constantly been ranked as one of the top paper bag suppliers in India. 

What Countries Import Paper Bags From Us?

As the most renowned paper bag suppliers and exporters, our customer base are huge. With the help of exceptional product quality and responsive customer services, we are associated with many wholesalers and importers across the globe.

The top countries where we supply paper bags include Germany, the UK, the USA, France, and Japan. Besides, our other customers are based in smaller countries and cities worldwide. 

Our well-connected logistics network facilitates safe, secure, and timely product deliveries. No matter where you are in the world, we will supply and export paper bags to you. Be assured of the most amazing and top-notch product condition when they get delivered.

How Are Paper Bags Exported From India?

ExFrO has alliances with major paper bag manufacturers in the country. We do not buy it from retailers or other suppliers. At ExFrO, we procure all our products, be it rice, cotton, leather, carpets, or marble, directly from production origin.

Once procured, these products are stored in our warehouse. Once they are ready for shipping, paper bags are packed in big boxes protected by mechanical impact. All paper and paper products are sealed in boxes with suitable temperature and humidity levels.

We take all preventative measures and precautions to ensure top-notch product condition on delivery. We never give our customers a chance to complain.

What Are The Uses Of Paper Bags?

A few of the countless uses of paper bags are mentioned below. 

Clean windows:

It is well-known that paper tissues are great for cleaning windows. However, paper bags are even better when used with white vinegar.

Collect recycling items:

Paper bags are great for collecting recyclable items, including newspapers, plastic bottles, and other items. 

Store vegetables:

We all want to store our vegetables, such as onions and garlic, for a long time. To keep them fresh, store them in a paper bag and punch holes so air can pass.

Apart from the above, there are n number of uses of paper bags, e.g. Pack belongings, make compost, freshen stale bread etc.

Why Choose Us As Your Trusted Paper Bags Exporters in India?

  • ExFrO is a leading name in the export business. We export products of various categories.
  • Our company has been in the business for several years. Our product quality and finest prices remain unparalleled. Not only paper bags, but we also deal in the export of marbles, leather, cotton, rice, carpets, and many other products.
  • To import paper bags from India, we remain a trusted choice for many wholesalers and importers overseas.
  • We buy directly from the production origin, eliminating supply chain margins and ensuring top-notch product quality.


Q. Does ExFrO export paper bags?

A. Yes, among other products, paper bags are exported by ExFrO.

Q. How to handle import and export procedure legalities and formalities?

A. At ExFrO, our experienced experts handle all import procedure legalities and formalities. You can be assured of a hassle-free process.

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