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Basmati rice exporters in India

Exfro: Basmati Rice Exporters In India

Hi there! Are you in need of a reliable exporter who can cater to or satisfy all your needs of importing fine Basmati rice from India? Exfro is the one you should trust. Exporting rice in bulk quantities is no joke hence, only an established name like ours should be trusted with it. If you are an importer residing out of India and need to import rice, then why look elsewhere? Still confused?

We can simplify it for you.

Get To Know Us

Exfro is an exporting company based in India. Besides being the largest exporter of basmati rice in India, we are also a renowned versatile merchant exporter. Our company deals in the export of goods from various categories. People across the country and the world swear by the quality that we provide our customers with.

We strive to offer our valued customers the best of everything, which is why we ensure to buy all our products/goods, including Basmati rice, directly from the production source to be assured of quality and the most affordable prices. 

By doing so, we ensure premium quality and cut down supply chain margins, thereby reducing export prices. We are proud of the genius that our company stands for - Exfro: Exporting From Origin. We can indeed find everything today at the click of our fingers, but it is not easy to find an authentic quality in this age of mixing, if we may call it so. 

We at Exfro work very hard so our customers can be assured of the most authentic quality and the finest rates in the market. This gives us an edge over other basmati rice exporters in India.

What Countries Do We Export Rice?

The top-grade Basmati rice we procure directly from our sources gets exported to many countries worldwide. These countries include Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, the UK, Oman, and Qatar, among others. These are a few of the top countries that we export to.

Our Shipping Method

Our shipping method, i.e., the process for basmati export from India, is simple. The procured rice is packed in our warehouse or usually comes packed in bulk. Most often, it is packed in 20-25 kg bags. These bags are transported to the port in trucks and loaded on ships. From there, they are sent to their designated locations. As one of the top basmati rice exporters in India, we ensure that the Basmati rice that we are supplying gets exported safely. 

Basmati Rice Variety In India

India is the second-largest producer and the largest exporter of rice in the world. There are over 34 varieties of Basmati rice that are registered under the seeds Act, 1966.

Few of these include Basmati 217, Basmati 370, Punjab Basmati 1, Basmati 564, and Pusa Basmati 1718, among others. In addition, India has made an important name for itself in the global rice market.

High production, stock rates, and lower prices have given our country a key place in the global rice market; hence, many Asian countries choose to import basmati rice from India. 

Why Choose Us As Your Basmati Rice Exporter?

  • You can rely on us for various varieties of Basmati rice. We ensure to supply all authentic ones. 

  • We at Exfro ensure that our customers enjoy top-notch Basmati rice quality and the lowest possible prices. 

  • You can be assured of the lowest export rates possible as we cut down on costs by buying Basmati rice directly from the local producers. 

  • Exfro is one of the leading basmati rice suppliers in India and also a renowned export company that has catered to the needs of several customers.

  • We believe in prioritizing the needs of our valued customers above everything else and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

  • Our mission not only entails earning profits but maintaining lifelong associations with our customers across the world. 


Exfro is the best export company in India that deals in exporting products from various categories. The quality that they provide to the customer is unmatched. The best part about them is that they procure Basmati rice directly from local vendors and make people living outside India feel at home. 

We are a very small general store based in Iran and rely on Exfro for premium quality products from India. The company provides the most authentic quality products directly from India. We are highly satisfied with the quality and prices. Would strongly recommend them.

We have been associated with Exfro for three years and are still amazed by their work ethics and values. Hands down the best export company in the country. 


Q. Which state is the largest exporter of rice in India?

A. West Bengal is ranked number 1 when it comes to the highest rice production in India. 

Q. Which country is the largest importer of basmati rice from India?

A. Saudi Arabia is the biggest importer of basmati rice from India. 

Q. How can you import basmati rice from India?

A. If you are looking to import Basmati rice from India, why look elsewhere? Exfro is here to assist you with all such needs.

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