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Textile Exporters in India

What is textile?

The word "textile" refers to everything that is related to yarns, fabrics, and the clothing industry.

Without yarn, there would be no clothing, linens, bedding, upholstery, curtains, rugs, wall coverings or book bindings, among other uses. This makes the textile industry diverse in application areas which in turn links it to various other industries. 

In the beginning, the word textile referred to loom-woven fabrics, but now it also includes knitted felted, quilted, or fused fiber fabrics. Its raw materials are natural fibers such as wool and cotton or chemically synthesised fibers such as nylon and polyester.

Thus, the textile industry is a sector within the economy that is dedicated to the production of synthetic and natural fibers, yarns, fabrics and any product that is related to the manufacture of clothing.

India is one of the world's leading exporters of textile products, with an export value of approximately 17,000 million dollars. We are one of the top-rated textile exporters in India, providing best-class textile products to our clients at a very competitive price.

Apart from this, we are also exporting leather products, basmati rice, a4 size paper, granite etc. to our customers.

The fundamental tasks carried out within this industry are:

  • production of fibers that can occur through agriculture, livestock, chemistry or petrochemistry.

  • cleaning and preparation of yarns from animals and vegetables.

  • natural fiber and synthetic fiber manufacturing.

  • spinning mill where fibers are converted into threads.

  • weaving, which is where the threads are turned into cloth.

ExFrO: Textile exporters in India

ExFrO stands for exporting from origin. At ExFro, we export the products by directly purchasing from the local manufacturers and shipping them abroad, thus eliminating the interference of intermediaries leading to reduced costs of goods.

Being one of the leading merchant exporters in India for several years now, we, with our knowledge and contacts worldwide, assure you of the safe export of the best quality products to you at competitive costs.

We export a variety of products from India which include textiles, basmati rice, marble, granite, A4 size paper, leather and much more. Taking responsibility for timely and safe exports of products to the destination, we have earned the trust of our customers for years and their satisfactory reviews validate our commitment. 

Fact- Cotton is grown in more than 100 countries. India, the United States, and China are the world's leading cotton producers & exporters, accounting for almost 60% of global production. 

Types of textiles that we export from India

In simple terms, textiles can be referred to as the three main series of fabrics, knitted fabrics and nonwovens. We are supplying all of them to our customers.

But broadly, we are dealing in textiles that involve spinning, weaving, and finished products, such as-

  • Yarn, natural silk, elastic silk, metallic silk, long synthetic silk and short synthetic silk, rayon and other textile raw materials.

  • Fabrics and nonwovens, plastic fabrics, knitted fabrics, natural leather fabrics and industrial fabrics.

  • Bags, blankets, home textiles, gloves, socks, decorative garments and other manufactured products.

  • Other types of textiles include; clothing for toys, belts, rope, marten, sewing and embroidery thread.

Which countries import our textile products?

The Indian textile industry has a vast capacity to meet the demands of textiles within India and across the globe due to its favourable weather conditions for massive production, highly skilled manpower and supportive government policies.

India is the largest exporter of cotton in the world. In addition to cotton textile, we also export man-made textiles, woolen textiles, silk, fiber, etc.

The countries importing Indian textiles from us include UAE, USA, Bangladesh, UK, Germany, etc. India's textile exports have seen significant growth in the past two years and there’s space for much more!

Why choose us as your textile exporter?

We export the best and original quality products adhering to the requirements of our clients. We source the products directly from local manufacturers and export them to our clients, therefore, cutting down the margins made by intermediaries which eventually  decreases your import costs.

We’ve been successful in building a wide client base worldwide keeping the trust of our clients through our reliable services for years. Besides the safe export of your products, we tend to build reliable associations with our clients by providing  lowest export cost  and ensuring the delivery within time. 

If you’re looking for reliable textile exporters in India, we won’t disappoint you for sure. From keeping your requirements at top and assuring safe export to the destination, we assure you proper assistance through the entire export process.

Then, what are you waiting for, quality goods for importing are  just a step away!


Que- What textiles are exported from India?

Ans.  India, being the largest producer of cotton in the world, also exports fibre,yarn, silk, man-made textiles, etc. on a large scale.

Que- Which countries do import textiles from India?

Ans. India is the second largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world. Many countries including Bangladesh, UK, UAE, Germany, etc import textiles from India.

Que- Which city is the largest manufacturer and supplier of textiles in India?

Ans.  Bhilwara, Rajasthan is a famous industrial town there. It has earned fame for being the textile city of India. It is the largest manufacturer of fabrics in the country.

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