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Granite Exporters in India

Exfro: Granite Exporters in India

Granite is an igneous rock that is also considered the toughest substance in the world. It is widely used across the world for various indoor and outdoor projects. The natural stone is also widely found in India and is exported to many parts of the world. If you are looking for granite exporters in India, your search ends here. 

If you are wondering who we are and what we do, let us simplify it for you. 

Who Are We?

Exfro is an export company that deals in the export of various goods and items. We are a reputable versatile merchant exporter in the country. Besides dealing in leather, carpets, rice and other goods, we also deal in granite export.

Our genius strategy offers us an edge over our competitors, which entails buying directly from local vendors, manufacturers or origin of production, thereby cutting down on supply chain margins and significantly lowering export rates. Exfro stands for Exporting From Origin and eliminating intermediaries.

Which Countries Do We Export Granite To?

The export of Indian granite has considerably increased due to the natural stone's premium quality and endurance. Indian granite is used worldwide for multiple purposes, including construction projects, building memorials, and making kitchen shelves, countertops, and other interiors.

This has made India a world leader in the export of granite. Over 145 countries import granite from India. Exfro also majorly contributes to its export.

We export granite to various parts of the world, including China, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Vietnam and Algeria. As one of the top granite exporters in India, we have a vast client base spread across the world.

How Do We Export Granite From India?

After procuring granite from our local vendors and manufacturers, it is stored in our warehouse. From thereon, it is cut into slabs, and heavy machinery/equipment is used to transport it to the ports.

After loading it on the ships, granite is shipped off to designated locations. Our cautious procedures and preventative measures ensure that granite gets exported carefully and in a state-of-the-art condition, without any dents or scratches. 

What Are The Types Of Granite That We Export?

With over 4 trillion cubic meters of granite reserve, India is the leading granite manufacturer and exporter. With more than 100 varieties of granite available in our country, we deal in the export of multiple types of granite.

These include:

  • White Granite
  • Black Granite
  • Kashmir white
  • Crystal white
  • Titanium white 
  • Pink granite
  • Yellow Granite 
  • Green Granite

Our customers from across the world enjoy numerous granite varieties available in India. Because of the diverse types of granite we supply, we are one of the leading granite suppliers in India. In addition, we ensure top-notch quality at the most affordable prices. 

What Are The Uses Of Granite?

India is a leading granite manufacturer and exporter in the world. Indian granite has left a mark on the world map with its superiority over other qualities and strengths. It is widely used for multiple purposes and majorly for kitchen interiors. The other purposes include building memories, construction work, etc. 

Let us study these uses in brief detail.

  • Kitchen Interior: Granite is widely used worldwide for kitchen countertops, shelves and backsplashes. The elegance it adds to a kitchen compared to any other stone is unmatched. 
  • Construction Uses: Granite has a lot of uses in construction activities. Indian granite is widely used in several building projects. It is used across the world to construct buildings and memorials. 
  • Flooring Uses: Granite is used for flooring and tiling purposes. Their beauty and strength make them a top choice for such needs. 
  • Jewelry-Making: The crystallization of magma makes this natural stone very beautiful and exceptional. It is used in the making of jewelry and gemstones.

The above mentioned are the common uses of granite across the world. Besides these, they are also used while making roads, for bathroom interiors, and the construction of religious places. 

Why Import Granite From Us?

  • At Exfro, we ensure all our products are reasonably priced. We cut down on export costs by procuring all our material directly from local manufacturers. 
  • As the leading supplier of Indian granite, we ensure to supply multiple varieties of it and only the best qualities. 
  • For several years, we have been catering to the needs of our clients across the world and have a long list of happy and satisfied ones. 
  • Our company ensures transparency and authenticity in all of its dealings. 
  • As industry experts, we ensure to export granite in the safest way possible. 
  • We have the experience and expertise to export granite from India to any part of the world. 


Q. Which state is the largest exporter of granite in India?

A. The Kollegal area in Karnataka is where Jet Black granite is found in huge quantities. Before 1992, Karnataka was the largest exporter of granite in India, contributing to more than 50% of the total export.

Q. Can we import granite from India to the USA?

A. You can easily import granite from India to the USA. As one of the best granite exporters from India, our company ensures to take care of all formalities and legalities in the export procedure. 

Q. How can you import granite from India?

A. If you want to import granite from India, look no further than Exfro. An industry leader who deals in the export of various goods and items. We have the experience and the expertise to provide premium quality at the most affordable rates.

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