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Corrugated Box Exporters in India

What is a corrugated box?

Corrugated cardboard is different from normal cardboard. Mixing them up could well result in you losing a lot of potential merchandise, customers and sales.

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard made of several layers of material instead of just one. More specifically, the corrugated paper called “flute paper” is placed between two sheets of normal cardboard, which creates three layers of cardboard. The corrugated paper creates air pockets which improve resistance to shocks and rough handling.

The corrugated box is a packaging solution that is just as customizable as traditional cardboard packaging. However, it is made with more advanced systems that give it a level of strength that traditional cardboard simply cannot match. Many countries are importing cardboard boxes from India and we, at ExFrO, are committed to exporting the best quality corrugated cardboard boxes.

ExFrO- Top-rated corrugated box exporters in India

ExFrO is one of the leading merchant exporters in India dealing in various categories including carpets, cotton, marble, granite, A-4 size paper, corrugated boxes, and much more. 

As the name suggests, ExFrO stands for exporting from origin, thus, we procure products directly from local manufacturing units and export them to foreign countries not involving intermediaries in the entire export process.

If you’re looking to import the best quality corrugated boxes from India, ExFrO best suits all your requirements, thus, no need to look anywhere else! With our experienced and network marketing techniques, we get the best export deals for you and safe transportation is totally ensured.

What countries import corrugated boxes from us?

Corrugated boxes are used as packaging for various items such as food, stationary, textiles, electronic or industrial products, healthcare, etc. due to their rigidity which ensure safety of product inside and ease of transport, thus, many countries import corrugated boxes from us.

We export corrugated boxes to over 155 countries across the globe such as the USA, the UAE, China, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Korea, etc. with our large network across the globe.

How are corrugated boxes exported from India?

We procure corrugated boxes from local manufacturing units and store the product in our warehouse, then, safely transport the order to the required destination at reasonably good prices by cutting intermediate marginal costs. 

You don’t need to worry about the product quality and timely export of corrugated boxes to your country, as we responsibly take care of the shipment and make the importing carefree for you.

So, without giving it a second thought, contact us and clear all your export-related queries. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Advantages of a corrugated box

Despite the widespread use of packaging made of polymeric compounds, corrugated packaging is gaining more and more popularity. And this is no accident! Corrugated boxes have a number of advantages over other types of packaging:

  • Cheapness- Corrugated packaging will cost you much cheaper than plastic containers. The production of corrugated packaging itself is less energy intensive and requires significantly fewer resources.
  • Ease- Corrugated cardboard, from which we produce corrugated packaging, is made by glueing three or five layers of ordinary cardboard. Due to this, corrugated cardboard boxes weigh on average 3-4 times less than plastic packaging of the same volume and 3 times less than wood.
  • Ease of transportation- Corrugated boxes are delivered disassembled - in the form of a flat billet. You will save significant funds on the transportation of corrugated packaging.
  • Ease of processing- Corrugated packaging is made from environmentally friendly renewable raw materials - cellulose. The product of its processing is waste paper.

The different types of corrugated cardboard boxes

The thickness of corrugated packaging can vary depending on the requirements and needs of the user. The different types of corrugated boxes depend on the flute type and the composition of the corrugated board.

The different types of flutes are A flute, C flute, B flute, E flute and F flute. The size of the flute gets smaller and smaller in this particular order. The grooves can therefore vary according to the utility of the box.

There are four main types of corrugated cardboard, which come in several flute options.

1. Single-sided corrugated cardboard

Single-sided corrugated cardboard consists of a layer of normal cardboard and a layer of corrugated paper, which means the corrugations are visible on one side.

This type of cardboard is the cheapest to produce, but it is also the least durable. Thus, it is often used to add an extra layer of protection for already packaged products.

2. Single-wall corrugated cardboard

Single-wall corrugated cardboard is the most common type of corrugated cardboard. It is considered the standard for corrugated cardboard.

As described above, it consists of a layer of corrugated paper placed between two sheets of normal cardboard. This type of cardboard is mainly used for boxes for shipping goods.

3. Double-walled corrugated cardboard

Double-wall corrugated cardboard consists of two layers of corrugated paper, separated by a layer of normal cardboard and placed between two other layers of normal cardboard. These two layers of corrugated paper make it even stronger so that it can be stacked more easily. This type of cardboard is mainly used for larger and heavier objects.

This paperboard can be offered in different types of flutes. However, the most popular combinations are EB and BC.

4. Triple-walled corrugated cardboard

Finally, this type of cardboard is made up of three layers of corrugated paper, all separated by a layer of normal cardboard. In addition, they are covered with a layer of normal cardboard on each side. This, therefore, makes it very resistant, so much so that it can be used as a replacement for wooden boxes or even be combined with other materials.

For example, the corrugated boxes that we export from India are hybrid boxes that combine the natural strength of wood and the lightness of corrugated cardboard to create the ideal box for transporting heavier items while being an economical option.

Due to their properties, triple wall corrugated boxes are commonly used to ship chemical containers.

Moreover, both double and triple-wall corrugated cartons can combine different types of corrugating paper since they are made of multiple layers. This makes it possible to adapt the level of protection, the resistance to compression as well as the thickness of the cardboard.

Note- You can also contact us if you want to import paper from India

The advantages of corrugated packaging

Did you know that global corrugated paper production was 938,000 kilotons in 2021? Its huge demand could be explained by the many benefits they provide. Here are some of the most important.


Corrugated cardboard packaging is very resistant and can be used to transport heavy or light products. They are therefore suitable for practically any type of merchandise, including pharmaceutical products, bulk foods or for daily use in several different industries.

They are also tear-resistant and ideal for storage, as they can easily support the weight of other boxes.

Corrugated cardboard boxes, therefore, ensure that even the most fragile items are protected during the long-distance transport, shipping and handling conditions.

Respect for the environment

If you are concerned about the state of the environment and do not want your products to harm nature, pack them in corrugated packaging. Corrugated boxes are made from renewable raw materials - cellulose.

Corrugated packaging completely decomposes within six months without harming the environment. The product of pulp processing is waste paper, which in turn is also used in the manufacture of packaging.

The profitability

Corrugated packaging is also ideal for reducing your packaging costs.

These packages are among the least expensive on the market due to the limited labour time and tools required to manufacture them.

In addition, the fact that these boxes are very light saves on shipping costs.

Customization of packaging

As discussed earlier, corrugated packaging comes in a variety of carton types. They may even have different coatings and treatments, such as flame resistance. Their properties, therefore, depending on your packaging needs.

Printing options are also available. Indeed, the rendering of the prints is better than for several other materials, making it an effective material for marketing and branding.

For example, you might want to include your logo or other information on the packaged product for true personalization. 

If you want to import corrugated boxes from India then contact ExFrO. We are one of the largest and top-rated Corrugated Box exporters in India, providing boxes at a very competitive price.


Q- What are the uses of corrugated boxes?

Ans. Corrugated boxes have three layers namely inner liner, outer liner, and a fluted medium in between which ensures high durability and rigidness. That’s why it is ideal for packaging various items for transportation and storing as the shape and quality of the item doesn’t get disturbed in these boxes.

Q- How to import corrugated boxes from India?

Ans.  Exporting corrugated boxes from India is very easy and affordable through ExFrO, where you find the best product quality and very reasonable export deals. 

Q- Which countries import corrugated boxes from India?

Ans.  More than 150 countries import corrugated boxes from India including China, Germany, Nepal, Sweden, the USA, the UAE, etc. because these are ideal for packaging various materials.

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