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Tissue Paper Exporters in India

What is tissue paper?

Since the creation of paper, there has been a great variety of products obtained from it to be used in the usual study and work activities that people carry out daily, tissue paper is one of them.

Tissue paper is more of a fabric than traditional paper, as it is made by joining silk fibers together to create a luxurious feel to the touch, making it an excellent choice that highlights premium quality products and services. It has a finish between matte and glossy.

The colors of tissue paper are varied, ranging from pastel tones to the most vibrant ones that highlight the smallest details in projects, models and crafts . It is very flexible and durable than conventional tracing paper, and can be purchased in sheets or rolls and is even easy to dye.

Silk fibers can be combined with other materials, such as cotton, resulting in tissue paper with a cleaner finish.

ExFrO: Tissue paper exporters in India

India is one of the largest exporters of tissue papers in the world. The tissue paper is exported to more than 60 countries from India, Sri Lanka, UAE and US being at the top of the list. 

ExFrO is the largest versatile merchant exporter in India, dealing with exports of various products such as cotton, marble, carpet, granite, tissue paper, etc. We keep the demands of our clients at top and take care of the product’s quality and safety.

We export the original quality products to several countries including UAE, USA, Japan, China and many more and have succeeded in building large networks across the globe through shipments.

Types of tissue paper that we export from India

There are several varieties of tissue paper such as, tissue napkin, paper napkin, toilet paper roll, facial tissues, printed tissue paper, etc.

Tissue paper exports from India often include the different categories of tissue paper including commercial sized rolls, folding carton boxes, paperboard and bags or sacks, etc. 

We tend to get the products from local manufacturing units, then pack the tissue paper and ship them safely to the countries on time. 

Which countries import our tissue paper?

We export tissue papers to various countries in the world. The countries importing from us include UAE, US, UK, Qatar, China, Japan, Uganda, Nepal, Australia, Bangladesh and many more. 

Our company works on the ideal idea of procuring the products from the local manufacturers, the name ExFrO suggests the same…exporting from origin. 

Thus, we directly get the tissue paper from local production units at low prices, get them stored in our warehouses and then export to the required destination abroad. 

This significantly reduces the extra costs and lets us export the products to you at reasonable prices.

Why choose us as your tissue paper exporter?

We, at ExFrO, provide you with easy and reliable export services from India. We work hard to meet the requirements of our clients and satisfy them by our assistance and services in the entire process of export.

We try to skip cost-increasing margins so that our customers can save some amount over the exports from us. Then, what are you searching for? We ensure the least possible costs and the best product quality.

Exporting from India has now become really easy. If you’re looking for reliable exporting services, then we are here to help you with our fast, reliable and safe exports to your destination within time.

You can surely rely on ExFrO for delivering the premium quality tissue paper from India safely to the destination, without exceeding the deadline. Have a safe and hassle free importing with us!

What are the uses of tissue paper?

Tissue paper basically has two uses and they are: crafts and gift packaging, these are very creative when it comes to putting the use of paper into practice, with it you can do:

  • Fragile packaging : it is a very soft material that can be wrinkled very well and thus fill each gap delicately, it is generally ideal for packaging small decorative objects and jewelry.

  • Special packaging with gift paper : we already know that tissue paper is delicate and has a very beautiful finish, so valuable gifts such as wine bottles are often wrapped with this paper.

  • Pompoms: its use to make pompoms is very common and usual, and all because it is easily folded and separated to make these colorful balls.

  • Garlands : they are usually made with tissue paper in their different colors, sometimes they are even very striking in their combination.

  • Template : tissue paper is transparent as well as resistant, so it is generally used as a template for making embroidery patterns and other shapes.

Can tissue paper be used for printing?

With advances in technology, printing is not far behind, and it is even possible to print on more exclusive materials, including tissue paper . Since this has many qualities, since it gives a finish that many should use , since it gives that feeling of luxury and therefore of high quality.

With which equipment is tissue paper used in printing?

To print silk paper, a UV LED printer is required, which is state-of-the-art equipment and when printing on paper takes advantage of its full potential. Its finish is great and all because it has a low surface gloss and a luxurious feel , contrasting excellently between ink and paper, leaving its colors much brighter compared to other types of paper.

Tissue paper, when its production is finished, creates the general feeling that you have in your hands a product in which a lot of effort has been invested in it, and that it is not like any other paper.

The advantage of combining tissue paper with innovative technology allows to improve the general quality of the printed product , among them we can mention:

  • Business cards to give to clients.

  • Brochures – to promote luxury, high-quality products, or simply stand out from typical brochures.

  • Catalogs and magazines : add a touch of luxury and distinction, which will not go unnoticed by customers.

  • Wedding Invitations – To make the invitations stand out much in appearance, than is typically expected.


Que.  Which countries do import tissue paper from India?

Ans.  India is one of the largest exporters of tissue paper in the world. It exports tissue paper to over 60+ countries. Several countries importing tissue paper from India are Sri Lanka, US, UK, UAE, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Japan and many more. 

Que. What are the different types of tissue paper exported from India?

Ans. India exports a large variety of tissue paper across the globe. There are various types of tissue paper exported from India which include napkin paper, toilet paper, facial paper, printed tissue paper, etc.

Que.  Why is there a high demand for tissue paper?

Ans. Modern day lifestyle requires modern and less time consuming solutions for everyday issues. Thus, tissue paper including toilet paper, facial tissue paper, napkins, paper towels etc play a major role in today’s life as these contribute to the comfort and hygiene of people. Thus, there is high demand for these now.

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