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Hand Knotted Carpet Exporters in India

Our country India is famous on the world map for one too many things. Our rich Indian culture, food, clothes, heritage, and much more. Among these, carpet weaving also happens to be famous. The art of carpet weaving dates back to the 16th century. We have been popular on the world map for these gorgeous, colourful, trendy delicacies. 

These exquisite floor coverings come in diverse and vibrant hues. Carpets are widely popular with varied designs, prints, colours, types, and textures. And not just in our nation but also worldwide. So much so that the demand for Indian carpets has only risen. 

Among the various types, hand-knotted carpets are fondly adored and appreciated. These delicacies showcase beautiful and intricate work. The intensity of labour that goes into making even one of these hand-made beauties is unimaginable. It is said that the denser the hand-knotted ties, the better the quality. 

If you seek reliable sources to Import Hand Knotted carpets from India, let us begin by introducing ourselves.

ExFrO: Hand Knotted Carpet Exporters From India

Now that we have sufficient information on hand-knotted carpets let us move further. We at ExFrO are a versatile merchant exporter. As versatile suggests, we deal in the export of products belonging to many categories. Be it leather, rice, hair, paper, marble or carpet; we supply it. 

Our history of serving as reliable Hand Knotted carpet Exporters in India goes way back. We have been in the business for a long time and proudly serve as industry leaders. 

At ExFrO, we have successfully made a reputable name for ourselves by setting a quality benchmark. And as one of the biggest exporters in India, we also cater to a huge customer base spread across the globe. 

Besides supreme product quality, we are renowned for responsive and reliable customer services, transparent dealings and quick deliveries. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we procure all our products from the production origin.

We price our products reasonably by not entertaining supply chain margins and significantly reducing export costs. 

What Countries Import Hand-Knotted Carpets From Us?

Because of their rich designs, vibrant colours and eye-catching prints, hand knotted carpets are loved all over the globe. India is well-known for the best quality carpets in the world. 

We are one of the top-rated Hand Knotted carpet Suppliers in India, and we export these hand-made delicacies to over 70 countries worldwide. Some of our most prominent customers are based in the UAE, the USA, Germany, France, Vietnam, and Brazil, among others. 

How Do We Export Hand Knotted Carpets?

All procured items and products are stored in our warehouse. Once they are procured from the production origin, they are stored till it is time for delivery. They are packed safely and loaded on ships to prevent damage. 

No matter where you put up in the world, through our well-connected and developed logistics network, your deliverables will reach you in no time. In addition, we pack products securely and safely to avoid all undue damage during shipping.

Why Choose ExFrO As Your Trusted Hand Knotted Carpet Exporters in India?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your trusted Hand Knotted rug exporters:

  • We at ExFrO do not deal in the export of just one product but many. We are a versatile merchant exporter and cater to many needs of our importer customers. 
  • Our customer base is spread worldwide and enjoys widespread quality, variety and reliable customer services. We deliver what we promise. Besides all this, we provide products at the most reasonable rates. 
  • One can expect complete authenticity and transparency in all our dealings. No matter what, we never deceive or disappoint. 
  • Our company is built on solid ethics and values. And we never compromise on them. 
  • With the help of a well-developed and connected logistics network, we ensure safe and timely product deliveries. 


Q. Does the USA import hand knotted carpets from India?

A. The USA imports hand-knotted and other types of carpets from India. India accounts for a large portion of it. 

Q. I am an importer based in Vietnam. Can I import hand-knotted carpets from India?

A. Yes, you can import hand knotted carpets from India. Connect with us, and we will take care of the rest.

Q. Does ExFrO take care of import procedure formalities and legalities?

A. Yes, we ensure to cater to all import procedure needs. You can be assured of a seamless procedure.

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