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Silk Carpet Exporters in India

Silk is a rare and precious material. It comes from the cocoon produced by the silkworm. The technique allowing its production was once kept secret. Later, techniques were imported from China but the arrival of synthetic materials slowed down its production enormously, so today it is mainly produced in India and China.

Silk rugs have a very specific shiny appearance. Exclusive design living room rugs and other rugs! Whether for your bedroom, living room or dining room, silk carpets are perfect for any home decor.

They are multi-faceted carpets since they have many characteristics that make them unique in their kind. These characteristics are divided into different properties such as practicality and aesthetics.

ExFrO- Silk Carpet Exporters in India

India is the second largest producer of silk in the world. It produces all the commercially useful varieties of silk and is the largest generator of foreign exchange and employment in the country. 

Are you looking for the best quality silk to import from India? No need to look anywhere else! You’re at the right place.

ExFrO stands for ‘Exporting From Origin’ which symbolizes our inclination towards supporting local manufacturers of the country and providing you with favourable exports both at the same time.

We procure the material directly from local manufacturers or manufacturing units and export them to the countries and eliminating the role of intermediaries thus,  cutting the extra marginal costs efficiently.

We are the leading exporters of silk carpets in India, exporting them to more than 30 countries and you’ll get premium quality silk materials at very competitive prices from us. We export different silk varieties such as silk garments, raw silk, made-ups, fabrics, yarns, carpets, shawls, and much more.

The undeniable advantages of the silk carpets that we export

The silk carpet that we export from India has an unmistakably shiny and precious appearance. However, it has other advantages. The silk rug, despite the fineness of its weaving, is very solid. Of high quality, it has a long lifespan.

Our silk carpet does not fray, it does not deform over time. It resists trampling and frequent passages. The silk carpet that you import from India can therefore be installed in a very busy room such as the living room or the hallway.

The silk carpet is robust, it will withstand successive washings and cleanings for several years. The silk rug is soft to the touch. It is very pleasant to walk on it barefoot or to sit on it.

It is suitable for all skin types. It does not produce allergies even in people who have particularly fragile or sensitive skin. It can therefore be chosen in a home where young children or people with allergies live.

Finally, our silk carpets are a natural thermal regulator. Silk absorbs excess humidity from the room and releases it when the air is too dry.

Which countries import silk carpets from us?

India exports raw silk, readymade silk garments, carpets, and a wide variety of commercially helpful silk and has a distinct position in exporting silk material to various countries across the globe.

We are the largest exporters of silk in the country and export silk and its different commercial varieties to more than 30 countries including the USA, the UAE, the UK, Australia, China, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, France and more. 

How do we export silk carpets from India?

We have been exclusively exporting silk carpets to different countries for years and made a renowned position for the export of silk carpets in India. We directly procure exquisite and fine-quality silk carpets from the merchants or local manufacturers and store them in our warehouses in different parts of the country 

After proper packing, the order goes for shipment, loaded on the ship and gets transported to the required destination at very reasonable prices as there’s no need for intermediaries in the export process, thus our customers genuinely have trust in our reliable services. 

Our large networks across the globe not only help us to manage a smooth export process but also build a loyal customer base thus, building healthy associations with our trade partners for always. We give first priority to our customer’s requirements and adhere to partnership values providing you with one of the best quality silk carpets.

Silk Carpets- other important information

Silk rugs practice

Silk is one of the softest materials in carpet making. Thanks to this property, silk rugs can be placed in any room of the house. On the other hand, the silk carpet is particularly elastic. In this case, it does not degrade easily and can withstand a temperature variation. In terms of maintenance, you must vacuum this natural carpet to clear the dust.

Silk carpet- a unique design

These silk rugs are usually hand-knotted rugs to provide a natural look to each of them, like wool rugs. With this method, you can get an unusual pattern that has special effects.

Some silk rugs have a 3D effect to give relief to your home. These rugs are available in different colors to suit your tastes and needs. Among these colors, we can cite pink, gold, emerald, red or gray.

These colors can perfectly match with other colors. In terms of patterns, silk rugs particularly feature plain patterns accompanied by multicolored graffiti. With these patterns, these silk rugs are both an accessory and a decorative object for your living room.

So if you want to import carpets from India, do not hesitate to contact us to start. We will export different kinds of carpets like- silk, wool, Designer Carpet, Printed Carpets etc.

With the silk rug, elegance is assured

You will choose a silk rug if you want to bring delicacy to your interior. The silk rug is indeed synonymous with elegance and luxury. It is a high-end rug, mostly handmade.

The silky character of the silk rug is noticeable as soon as you enter the room in which it is deployed. A silk carpet is a real work of art to look at, to admire. Its brilliance illuminates rooms and illuminates objects and furniture around it.

These are unique pieces. Silk rugs are highly sought after and rather rare. They often have a higher price because their manufacturing is more elaborate. The raw material is precious. But do not worry about the price because we export silk carpets directly from the native manufacturers and we cut supply chain margins to give you rugs at a very competitive price.

Types of silk carpets that we export from India

Plain silk rug

You will find totally plain silk rugs. Whatever the shade, your silk rug will develop its shine and beauty. It will reflect light like no other surface. The darkest silk carpets, black, brown or gray, are surprisingly light.

They are available in all shades: white, pink, green, red,... With silk, the color naturally becomes iridescent. Thus, the gray becomes silver.

United, the silk rugs unfold in very varied universes. You can select it for your very classic and even antique home. It will perfectly suit contemporary, ultra-modern or design interiors. The purity it exudes makes the silk rug a perfect covering for designer rooms.

Other silk rugs

The silk rug is a rug that can have many precise patterns. Its meticulous handcrafting allows it to contain subtle elements and tiny details. That is why you will find vintage or baroque rugs in our catalogue.

They have the particularity of being illustrated with symmetrical patterns, regular friezes, and floral or animal elements that only silk rugs can possess. Designed around a central subject, the silk rugs unfold evenly over the entire surface.

The colors used are varied. Gold, silver, and black is very present. Rarer colors which particularly capture the light by being woven in silk are present: the turquoise blue, Indian pink, garnet red, emerald green,... Silk carpets are often edged with elegant threads on the opposite edges.

Carpets with more modern patterns are also made of silk and follow contemporary decoration trends. You will have the choice between silk carpets with graphic signs, broken or curved lines, psychedelic patterns or with 3d effects.


Q. How to import silk carpets from India?

Ans. India is a large producer and exporter of silk carpets to various countries. ExFrO being one of the largest exporter will be a good choice for the import of silk carpets which ensures premium quality material and export at relatively low prices.

Q. Which countries import silk from India?

Ans. There are more than 30 countries importing raw silk, made-ups, yarn, carpets, etc. from India which include, the USA, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Bhutan, Vietnam, Australia, Italy, France, the UAE, the UK, and more.

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