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Leather Footwear Exporters in India

ExFrO- Leather Footwear Exporters in India

Did you know that leather footwear export is the engine of the leather export industry in India? Leather footwear exports account for nearly half of the total leather products exports.

Our country is the second-largest global footwear producer producing over 17.7 billion pairs annually. Among these pairs are many types. One of the most in-demand types is leather footwear. 

Our country is renowned for having world-class machinery and manufacturing plants facilitating top-notch and top-grade leather footwear production.

As a result, the trends for this industry have been on the rise for the longest time and are expected to expand further in the next five years. 

Circling back to the main question - are you searching for Leather footwear exporters in India? If you nodded in affirmation, you are in the right place. 

What Role Do We Play in Leather Footwear Export?

ExFrO is a leading merchant exporter and has been a prominent name in the industry for the longest time. Our company is well-known for dealing in exporting products from many categories.

These include rice, marble, leather, cotton, paper bags, carpets, handloom bedsheets and many more. What gives us an edge over other Leather shoe exporters in India is that we directly procure all our items from the origin of production.

The most crucial part of any export deal is the prices at which items are supplied. We beat our competitors by offering our customers the finest and most reasonable rates in the market.

We intentionally remove supply chain margins by directly buying from the production source, thereby cutting costs. Procuring directly from manufacturers allows us to assure our customers of supreme and authentic quality products. 

Where Are Our Customers Based?

As one of the biggest Leather footwear suppliers in India, we supply leather footwear all over the world. Most of our customers are based in the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, and the Netherlands. 

Our well-developed and connected logistics network enables us to supply leather footwear anywhere in the world—no matter where your base is, we can supply it.

In addition, our experts ensure timely and safe product deliveries. Our company has alliances with some of the biggest manufacturers in India and supplies only high-quality leather footwear. 

How is Leather Footwear Exported From Our End?

As we have already discovered, ExFrO procures all its items directly from the production source. Once procured, these are stored in our company warehouse near the shipping port.

Therefore, packaging it securely when shipping leather footwear is of utmost importance. If this is not done, the footwear can get damaged in the shipping process.

Therefore, it is better to take preventative measures by packing each pair in multiple layers and then securing them in boxes. 

Once packed, they are shipped to their designated destinations. As one of the leading Leather shoe suppliers in India, you can be assured of zero negligence from our end.

Why Choose Us As Your Entrusted Leather Footwear Exporters in India?

There are many reasons why importers and dealers across the globe trust us when they want to Import leather footwear from India. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • ExFrO is an industry leader and deals in exporting products from many categories. One can find almost anything and everything. 

  • Besides reasonable export rates, our customers enjoy state-of-the-art products and supreme quality. 

  • We encourage authenticity and transparency in all our dealings. No matter what, our values and ethics are essential. 

  • Other than this, the needs of our customers are our biggest priority. We do our best to ensure customer satisfaction. 

  • With the help of a well-connected logistics network, we ensure safe and timely product deliveries. As a reputable exporter, we enjoy a vast customer base worldwide. 

  • Our customer service support is quick and responsive. A dedicated team is always ready to offer their expert assistance to our customers. 

Kind Words From Our Clients

  • When we were looking to Import leather shoes from India, we stumbled upon ExFrO. They are the best leather footwear exporters in the country and offer premium quality products. We are highly impressed with their services, delivery timelines and affordable rates.

  • Our association with ExFrO has been a long one. For the past five years, we have been exporting leather footwear from them. Based in the USA, we are stunned by their superfast and safe deliveries. They are an authentic team, and we strongly recommend doing business with them. 

  • We are a small group of exporters belonging to Spain. ExFrO regularly fulfils all our leather footwear requirements. Their exceptional quality products and services are praise-worthy. We are grateful to have found them and hope to have a harmonious business relationship with them for a long time. 


Q. Does ExFrO deal in the export of leather footwear?

A. Yes, ExFrO is a leading leather footwear exporter in India. 

Q. Does ExFrO cater to import procedure formalities?

A. Yes, ExFrO caters to all import procedure formalities. Therefore, you can be assured of a seamless process. 

Q. Which are the largest leather footwear importing countries?

A. The USA, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Canada and Germany are among the world's largest leather footwear importing countries.

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