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Hand Tufted Carpet Exporters in India

Carpets are those home-decor essentials that hold the potential to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. They are those floor coverings that beautify a space and add colour to it. There are numerous types of carpets to choose from.

And in those innumerable types are wide varieties. One can choose from a multitude of options. Find these stylish floor coverings in many types, designs, prints, colours, and weaves. 

The art of carpet weaving in India started in the 16th century. These native floor coverings have gained a lot of international recognition.

The demand for Indian carpets has been touching the skies and growing rapidly. Our country ranks number one in carpet exports in the world. 

Among the several types of carpets, hand-tufted ones are increasingly gaining popularity. They are crafted by infusing traditional and modern weaving techniques. Its journey starts from being stretched on a blank canvas.

Strands of yarn with design are punched on it using a tufting tool. The weaving process is less intensive and less time-consuming. 

If you wish to Import Hand tufted carpets from India, why look elsewhere? 

ExFrO: Hand Tufted Carpet Exporters From India

ExFrO is a versatile merchant exporter in India. We deal in the export of products belonging to many categories. Our company has been serving as an industry leader for several years and has successfully established a reputable reputation for itself.

As one of the leading Hand tufted carpet Exporters in India, we also deal in exporting various products, including marbles, granite, hair, leather, rice, cotton, paper rolls, A4 Paper, etc. 

Our product qualities and efficient customer care services make us the top choice of many wholesalers and importers overseas. We have been handling seamless export and import procedures for several years and have sufficient experience. 

What Countries Import Hand-Tufted Carpets From Us?

Indian carpets are renowned across the globe for their beauty, versatility, and richness. The exquisite designs and tasteful prints catch everyone’s attention. The heart-winning quality of our hand-tufted carpets is recognised all over the world.

We are one of the most established Hand tufted carpet Suppliers in India. ExFrO supplies a variety of hand-tufted carpets all over the world. Most of our importer customers are based in the USA, Brazil, Vietnam, the UAE, Germany, and France.

We at ExFrO export these beauties to over 70 countries in the world. Our valued customers spread across the globe enjoy widespread varieties and superior quality. 

Our Shipping Method

At ExFrO, we procure all our products directly from the production source. After procuring hand-tufted carpets directly from local manufacturers and weavers, we store them in our warehouse.

They are packed securely and safely and then loaded on a ship to reach you. We ensure to take all safety and preventative measures to prevent damage during shipping. 

Our well-connected logistics network ensures timely deliveries. 

Choose ExFrO As Your Trusted Hand-Tufted Carpet Exporters in India

  • ExFrO is a global market leader and leading exporter in the world. We deal in the export of many product categories. No matter what you need, we can export it. 
  • We ensure complete transparency and authenticity in all our dealings. As Hand tufted rug exporters, we promise our customers top-notch quality and a unique range of designs and colours. 
  • By procuring all our products from the production origin, we ensure the finest rates in the market and pure quality. We have been successful in removing supply chain margins and lowering export costs. 
  • We have significantly made hand-tufted carpet import from India easier and economical. 
  • Besides product quality and rates, we give importance to the needs and priorities of our customers. 
  • All the manufacturers and suppliers associated with us supply us with certified products. So, you can be assured of pure and quality carpets. 
  • Our well-connected logistics network ensures safe and timely product deliveries.


Q. Does ExFrO export hand-tufted carpets?

A. Yes, ExFrO deals in the export of hand-tufted carpets. We supply them in many countries, including the USA, UAE, Brazil, Vietnam, and Germany. 

Q. How is quality ensured at ExFrO?

A. All the suppliers and manufacturers associated with us are certified with GoodWeave, CARE & FAIR, SEDEX, and MSME. This is how quality is ensured. 

Q. Does ExFrO cater to import procedure formalities and legalities?

A. Our experts ensure a seamless import procedure by catering to all formalities and legalities.

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